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General Meeting

Thursday 6th of September, 8pm, St. Michael’s Church Hall.

Our final meeting before we submit the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan to Broxtowe Borough Council. The meeting will include a vote on which of the four options for the Coventry Lane playing fields we put in the plan.

General Meeting

Thursday 12th of July, 8pm, St. Michael’s Church Hall.

Meeting to discuss Forum response to last minute changes to Broxtowe's Local Plan Part 2 ahead of Council meetings next week.

Click on the names to see the letters sent to Kay Cutts and Tony Harper as a result of the meeting.

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 22nd of May, 8pm, Bramcote Memorial Hall.

Please come along to find out the latest on the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan and what the next steps are

 This is your chance to find out on progress with the Neighbourhood Plan and the council's Local Plan, as well as potential changes in National policy.

 The second half of 2018 promises to be a busy and important period of time in shaping Bramcote's future: The Broxtowe Local Plan Part 2 is likely to be examined by an inspector and our own Neighbourhood Plan will be the subject of a formal consultation by the council and then a review by an independent examiners, ahead of a referendum at a date to be set by the Council. At the same time planning applications for major developments in Bramcote are expected.  

General Meeting

Thursday 25th of January, 8pm, St. Michael’s Church Hall.

The meeting will present the Neighbourhood Plan with modifications resulting from the survey of local residents.

Response to Part 2 of the Local Plan

Click here or on the image on the right to download our response to part 2 of the Local Plan.

General Meeting

Wednesday 1st of November, 8pm, GrangeWood Methodist Church.

The meeting will discuss Part 2 of the Local Plan.

General Meeting

Tuesday the 20th of June, 7.45, Bramcote Memorial Hall.

The General Meeting will discuss the housing need for Bramcote area and what to include in the draft Neighbourhood Plan with respect to the green belt and potential for designating local green space in Bramcote area.

Annual General Meeting

Tuesday the 9th of March, 7.45, Bramcote Memorial Hall.

All members are welcome to take part and vote on any motions put to the meeting. Non members are welcome to attend as observers.

Draft Agenda


Minutes of Last Meeting

Chairman's report

Treasurer's report

Steering group

Next steps

Any other business

General Meeting

Monday 27th of March, 7.30pm, GrangeWood Methodist Church.

The meeting will discuss a draft map and planning policies to include in the Bramcote Neighbourhood Plan. It will also be a chance for Forum members to hear the result of technical advice on land allocation issues that the Forum received on Monday 20 March from independent advisors.

General Meeting

Monday 23rd of January, 7.30pm, St Michael’s & All Angels Church Centre, Church Street, Bramcote.

The meeting will consider Broxtowe Planning Officers' suggestions for Land Allocations in the Bramcote Green Belt. The Agenda for next week's Jobs & Economy Committee meeting is available by clicking here. The file is large (some 14MBytes), if you look at nothing else please look at pages 38 & 39 and the map on page 46 as these are central to the advice about the land that is currently occupied by the Bramcote Schools, Leisure Centre, Moor Lane playing fields and Bramcote Hills Park.

A summary of the proposals will be provided.  

Members of the Forum can speak at and vote during Forum general meetings.

Click here to see the letter sent to the council as a result of the meeting.

Click here to see the golf course appeal letter.

BFN Ltr 2017 01 25 draft Part 2.pdf News Bramcote Neighbourhood Forum Ltr 2017 02 08 golf course appeal 3162096 letter.pdf Bramcote Forum response to Part 2.pdf